Waipu Bush

This painting was inspired by the bushlands at Waipu, north of Auckland near the coast. The bushland is viewed from a windy road leading inland, in amongst areas featuring rimu trees and pungas, or tropical tree ferns. “We were walking through this area of bush in the late afternoon with the sun filtering through the leaves and undergrowth.

The leaf detail means I used a finer brush form to capture the intricacies of the foliage.” Waipu Bush is one of three paintings inspired by the area and can be viewed in the Flagstaff Gallery. Acrylic on canvas, 2016.

Title: Waipu Bush
Artist: Richard Higham
Status: Sold
Medium: Acrylic
Media: Painting
Date: 2016
Size: 1220mm high x 910mm wide
Framed: no
Style: Impressionism
Theme: Native Flora